Clifford W. Cunningham, Professor  

Clifford W. Cunningham

Ph.D., Yale University, 1991
B.S., Yale University, 1983

Office Location: 227 Bio Sci Bldg, Durham, NC 27708
Office Phone: (919) 660-7356
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Research Categories: Evolution and biogeography of marine invertebrates

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  1. LaBella, AL; Van Dover, CL; Jollivet, D; Cunningham, CW, Gene flow between Atlantic and Pacific Ocean basins in three lineages of deep-sea clams (Bivalvia: Vesicomyidae: Pliocardiinae) and subsequent limited gene flow within the Atlantic, Deep Sea Research Part Ii: Topical Studies in Oceanography, vol. 137 (March, 2017), pp. 307-317 [doi] .
  2. Dexter, KG; Terborgh, JW; Cunningham, CW, Historical effects on beta diversity and community assembly in Amazonian trees., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, vol. 109 no. 20 (May, 2012), pp. 7787-7792 [22547831], [doi]  [abs].
  3. Miglietta, MP; Cunningham, CW, Evolution of life cycle, colony morphology, and host specificity in the family hydractiniidae (hydrozoa, cnidaria), Evolution; International Journal of Organic Evolution, vol. 66 no. 12 (2012), pp. 3876-3901 [doi]  [abs].
  4. Thaler, AD; Zelnio, K; Saleu, W; Schultz, TF; Carlsson, J; Cunningham, C; Vrijenhoek, RC; Van Dover, CL, The spatial scale of genetic subdivision in populations of Ifremeria nautilei, a hydrothermal-vent gastropod from the southwest Pacific., Bmc Evolutionary Biology, vol. 11 (January, 2011), pp. 372 [22192622], [doi]  [abs].
  5. Regier, JC; Shultz, JW; Zwick, A; Hussey, A; Ball, B; Wetzer, R; Martin, JW; Cunningham, CW, Arthropod relationships revealed by phylogenomic analysis of nuclear protein-coding sequences., Nature, vol. 463 no. 7284 (2010), pp. 1079-1083 [doi]  [abs].