Graduate Faculty

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Alberts, Susan C, Professor
(919) 660-7272

Behavorial ecology and ecological genetics of large mammals

Baugh, Ryan, Assistant Professor
(919) 613-8179

Developmental genetics and genomics

Bejsovec, Amy, Associate Professor
(919) 613-8162

Genetic control of cell fate specification in Drosophila

Benfey, Philip N, Paul Kramer Professor and Investigator, HHMI
613-8182, 660-7338

Plant Developmental Genetics and Genomics

Bernhardt, Emily S., Associate Professor
(919) 660-7318

ecosystem ecology and biogeochemistry

Bhandawat, Vikas, Assistant Professor

Drosophila olfaction

Buchler, Nicolas, Assistant Professor of Biology and Physics
(919) 699-8209

Molecular mechanisms and the evolution of switches and oscillators in gene networks; systems biology; comparative genomics

Chen, Meng, Assistant Professor
(919) 684-8442

Light signaling and nuclear organization in plants

Clark, James S., H.L. Blomquist Professor of Environment and Professor of Biology and Professor of Statistics
(919) 613-8036


Cunningham, Clifford, Professor
(919) 660-7356

Evolution and biogeography of marine invertebrates

Dong, Xinnian, Professor
(919) 613-8176

Plant-Microbe interactions

Donohue, Kathleen, Professor
(919) 613-7467

Evolutionary ecology and genetics of natural plant populations, genetic basis of adaptation, gene-environment interactions

Haase, Steve, Associate Professor
(919) 613-8205

Control of cell cycle, DNA replication, and centrosome duplication in budding yeast

Johnsen, Sonke, Professor
(919) 660-7321

Comparative physiology; focusing on vision, crypsis, optics, and bioluminescence in the open ocean

Kiehart, Daniel P, Professor and Dean of Natural Sciences
919-613-8157, 919-613-8150, 919-613-8151

Biophysical approaches to cellular, molecular and developmental biology

Koelle, Katia, Associate Professor
(919) 660-9457

Theoretical biology; ecology and evolution of infectious diseases

Lutzoni, Francois M, Professor
(919) 660-7261

Evolution of symbiotic systems

Magwene, Paul M, Associate Professor
(919) 613-8159

Evolutionary Genomics, Systems Biology, and Bioinformatics

Manos, Paul S, Professor and Associate Chair
(919) 660-7358

Systematics and phylogeography of flowering plants

McClay, David R, Professor
919-613-8188, 919-613-8190

Developmental Biology

McShea, Dan, Professor
919-660-7342 office, 660-7343 lab

Hierarchy Theory, Macroevolution, Philosophy of Biology

Mitchell-Olds, Thomas, Professor
(919) 668-1635

Ecological and evolutionary genomics; Complex trait variation; Drought tolerance and food security

Morris, William F, Professor
(919) 684-5257

Population ecology, mutualism, plant-insect interations, life-history adaptations to stochastic environments, theoretical ecology, conservation ecology

Nemergut, Diana, Associate Professor
(919) 660-7424

Microbial Ecology and Evolution

Nijhout, H Frederik, Professor

Developmental physiology/development and evolution

Noor, Mohamed A., Professor and Chair
919-613-8156, 919-660-7338

Speciation and evolutionary genetics, recombination

Nowicki, Stephen, Professor of Biology and Dean of Undergraduate Education
919-668-3420, 919-684-6950

Function, structure, and evolution of animal signaling systems

Patek, Sheila, Associate Professor

Pei, Zhen-Ming, Associate Professor
919-613-8152 (office), 613-8165 (lab)

Plant Sensory Signal Transduction

Pryer, Kathleen M., Professor
(919) 660-7380

Evolutionary biology of early land plants

Rausher, Mark D, Professor
(919) 684-2295

Evolutionary Genetics and Molecular Evolution

Reynolds, James F., Professor of Environmental Science and Biology
(919) 660-7404

Land degradation in arid and semiarid rangelands; Experimental and modeling studies of effects of elevated CO2 and rainfall variability on dryland ecosystems

Rodrigo, Allen G., Professor and Director of NESCent

Computational evolutionary biology

Roth, V. Louise, Professor
919-660-7352, 660-7353

Morphological and molecular evolution in mammals: size, shape, and ontogeny

Schmid, Amy K, Assistant Professor
(919) 613-4464

Systems biology of archaea: understanding regulatory network responses to environmental extremes

Shaw, Jonathan, Professor
(919) 660-7344

Evolution and diversity of bryophytes

Sherwood, David R., Associate Professor
(919) 613-8192

Understanding morphogenetic mechanisms in development

Sherwood, Nina T, Associate Professor of the Practice and IGSP Scholar

Functions of spastin and other microtubule severing proteins in the nervous system; Drosophila models of human disease

Siedow, James N., Professor
(919) 684-5445

Function and regulation of plant respiratory pathways

Smith, Kathleen K, Professor
(919) 684-3402

Functional morphology and evolution of vertebrates; craniofacial development, evolutionary morphology

Sun, Tai-Ping, Professor
(919) 613-8166

Mechanisms of phytohormone controlled growth and development

Uyenoyama, Marcy K, Professor
(919) 660-7350

Population genetics, molecular evolution

Vilgalys, Rytas, Professor
919-660-7361, 660-7362

Phylogenetic systematics and molecular evolution in fungi

Volkan, Pelin Cayirlioglu, Assistant Professor

Genetic Regulation of Olfactory Circuit Assembly and Remodeling in Drosophila

Willis, John H, Professor

Evolutionary genetics in natural plant populations

Wilson, William, Associate Professor
(919) 451-6688

Wray, Gregory A, Professor of Biology and Evolutionary Anthropology and Director, Center for Evolutionary Genomics
(919) 684-6696

Evolution of gene networks and developmental mechanisms

Wright, Justin, Associate Professor
(919) 613-8096

Community, Landscape and Ecosystem Ecology

Yoder, Anne D., Professor and Director, Duke Lemur Center
(919) 660-7275

Phylogeny and evolution of mammals, ; conservation genetics; historical biogeography and biodiversity of Madagascar