William F Morris, Professor  

William F Morris

PhD, University of Washington, 1990

Office Location: BioSci: 257
Office Phone: (919) 684-5257
Email Address: wfmorris@duke.edu

Ecology and Population Biology

Research Categories: Population ecology, mutualism, plant-insect interations, life-history adaptations to stochastic environments, theoretical ecology, conservation ecology

Research Description: Bill Morris studies the population ecology of plants and insects (both herbivores and pollinators). Current projects include: the population dynamic consequences of constitutive and inducible resistance in plants, the maintenance of mutualistic interactions between flowering plants and nectar-robbing pollinators, the use of population-level attributes to detect biotic responses to ongoing environmental changes, and the use of mathematical models to assess viability of threatened and endangered populations. The common thread uniting these projects is that they combine field experiments and mathematical models to study population dynamics in natural and managed systems.

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  1. Crone, E., E. Menges, M. Ellis, T. Bell, P. Bierzychudek, J. Ehrlén, T. Kaye, T. Knight, P. Lesica, W.F. Morris, G. Oostermeijer, P. Quintana-Ascencio, A. Stanley, T. Valverde, T. Ticktin, and J. Williams, How do plant ecologists use matrix population models?, Ecology Letters, in press. (Accepted, 2011) .
  2. The geography of demography: distribution limits in the annual plant Clarkia xantiana ssp. xantiana., Eckhart, V.M., M. A. Geber, W. F. Morris, D. A. Moeller, P. Tiffin, E. S. Fabio, American Naturalist, in press (Accepted, 2011) .
  3. Morris, W.F., J. Altmann, D.K. Brockman, M. Cords, L.M. Fedigan, A.E. Pusey, T.S. Stoinski, A.M. Bronikowski, S.C. Alberts, and K.B. Strier, Low demographic variability in wild primate populations: fitness impacts of variation, covariation, and serial correlation in vital rates, American Naturalist, in press (Accepted, 2011) .
  4. Feldman, T.S., and W.F. Morris, Higher survival at low density counteracts lower fecundity to obviate Allee effects in a perennial plant, Journal of Ecology, accepted pending minor revision. (Accepted, 2011) .
  5. Doak, D.F. and W.F. Morris, Demographic compensation and tipping points in climate-induced range shifts, Nature, vol. 467 (2010), pp. 959-962 [doi] .

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