Mohamed A. Noor, Professor  

Mohamed A. Noor

PhD, University of Chicago, 1996
BS, College of William and Mary, 1992

Office Location: FFSC: 4214
Office Phone: 919-613-8156, 919-660-7338
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Research Categories: Speciation and evolutionary genetics, recombination

Research Description: One of the greatest unsolved questions in biology is how continuous processes of evolutionary change produce the discontinuous groups known as species. My research has focused on understanding the processes that cause the evolution of barriers to gene exchange between diverging species, particularly hybrid sterility and species mating discrimination. My approaches are primarily classical or molecular genetic using Drosophila species as model organisms. Using these approaches, we have dissected the genetic basis of these barriers to gene exchange using molecular markers and QTL mapping methodologies or gene expression approaches. The availability of multiple whole-genome sequences (both publicly and those we have obtained ourselves) has dramatically enhanced the scope of progress we make. In addition to questions in speciation, we have been studying the effects of fine-scale recombination heterogeneity on various evolutionary parameters including nucleotide diversity, divergence, and codon bias. See my lab web page for more information.

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  1. CSS Heil, B Manzano-Winkler, MJ Hunter, JKF Noor, MAF Noor, Witnessing evolution first-hand: A K-12 laboratory exercise in genetics and evolution using Drosophila, American Biology Teacher, vol. 75 (2013), pp. 116-119 [8], [doi] .
  2. B Manzano-Winkler, SE McGaugh, MAF Noor, How hot are drosophila hotspots? examining recombination rate variation and associations with nucleotide diversity, divergence, and maternal age in Drosophila pseudoobscura., PLoS One, vol. 8 no. 8 (2013), pp. e71582 [doi]  [abs].
  3. SE McGaugh, CSS Heil, B Manzano-Winkler, L Loewe, S Goldstein, TL Himmel, MAF Noor, Recombination modulates how selection affects linked sites in Drosophila., PLoS Biology, vol. 10 no. 11 (November, 2012), pp. e1001422 [doi]  [abs].
  4. KB Hoehn, SE McGaugh, MAF Noor, Effects of Premature Termination Codon Polymorphisms in the Drosophila pseudoobscura Subclade., Journal of Molecular Evolution, vol. 75 no. 3-4 (October, 2012), pp. 141-150 [doi]  [abs].
  5. SR McDermott, MAF Noor, Mapping of within-species segregation distortion in Drosophila persimilis and hybrid sterility between D.¬†persimilis and D.¬†pseudoobscura., Journal of Evolutionary Biology, vol. 25 no. 10 (October, 2012), pp. 2023-2032 [doi]  [abs].

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