Thomas Mitchell-Olds, Professor  

Thomas Mitchell-Olds

PhD, Wisconsin, 1985

Office Location: 3311 French Science Center
Office Phone: (919) 668-1635
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Ecology and Population Biology

Research Categories: Ecological and evolutionary genomics; Complex trait variation; Drought tolerance and food security

Research Description: We study genetic variation in plant populations, focusing on genes that influence traits controlling plant performance in an environmental context – a central theme throughout our research in natural and agricultural populations. Much of our work is focused on the genes that affect ecological success and evolutionary fitness in natural environments. Similarly, the interaction of crop plants with their biotic and abiotic environments is controlled by complex trait variation which can be elucidated by interdisciplinary analyses incorporating functional genomics, physiological and chemical ecology, and population and quantitative genetics. We work at several levels: genetic variation within populations, local adaptation among populations, and the evolution of species differences. Our study systems are centered on the wild relatives of Arabidopsis, as well as complex trait variation of rice and Brachypodium in agricultural and natural populations.

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