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Research Interests for Ashleigh S. Rosette

Research Interests: Dynamics of Bargaining, Managerial Effectiveness

Areas of Interest:

Diversity in Organizations
Conflict Resolution
Negotiation Strategies

Recent Publications
  1. Koval, CZ; Rosette, AS, The Natural Hair Bias in Job Recruitment, Social Psychological and Personality Science, vol. 12 no. 5 (July, 2021), pp. 741-750 [doi[abs]
  2. Livingston, RW; Rosette, AS, Stigmatization, subordination, or marginalization? The complexity of social disadvantage across gender and race, in Inclusive Leadership: Transforming Diverse Lives, Workplaces, and Societies (January, 2020), pp. 39-59, ISBN 9780429831393 [doi[abs]
  3. Grimm, LJ; Redmond, RA; Campbell, JC; Rosette, AS, Gender and Racial Bias in Radiology Residency Letters of Recommendation., Journal of the American College of Radiology : Jacr, vol. 17 no. 1 Pt A (January, 2020), pp. 64-71 [doi[abs]
  4. Rosette, AS; Zhou Koval, C, Framing advantageous inequity with a focus on others: A catalyst for equity restoration, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, vol. 76 (May, 2018), pp. 283-289, Elsevier BV [doi[abs]
  5. Rosette, AS; Ponce de Leon, R; Koval, CZ; Harrison, DA, Intersectionality: Connecting experiences of gender with race at work, Research in Organizational Behavior, vol. 38 (January, 2018), pp. 1-22, Elsevier BV [doi[abs]

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