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Management and Organizations : Research Interests


  1. Gregory W. Fischer, Managerial Decision Making, Managerial Effectiveness, Managing in the E-World
  2. E. Allan Lind, Global Management, Distance Management, Virtual Teams, Ethics, Leadership, Organizational Justice
  3. John W. Payne, Decision Making, Organizational Behavior, Consumer Behavior
  4. Blair H. Sheppard, Corporate Strategy, Relations in Organizations, Leadership, New Organizational Forms
  5. Sim B. Sitkin, Leadership, Organizational Control, Trust in Organizations, Organizational Change, New Organizational Forms, Mergers and Acquisitions

Associate Professors with Tenure

  1. Richard P. Larrick, Individual and Group Decision Making, Motivation, Social Perception, Behavioral Approaches to Energy and the Environment Decisions
  2. Patricia W. Linville, Social cognition, Intergroup relations, Attention and inhibitory cognitive processes; Negotiation; Virtual negotiation via technology; Social judgment and decision making; Expertise effects on judgment, Automatic processing of information; Self-concept; Stress, coping, and health; Teams; Social Psychology of organizations
  3. Kimberly A. Wade-Benzoni, Intergenerational Behavior & Decisions, Ethics, Social Issues in Management, Social Entrepreneurship, Conflict & Negotiation

Associate Professors

  1. Jonathon Cummings, Geographically Dispersed Teams, Scientific Collaboration, Managerial Effectiveness
  2. Ashleigh S. Rosette, Dynamics of Bargaining, Managerial Effectiveness
  3. Jack B Soll, Management Decision Making

Adjunct Professors

  1. Theodore G Ryan, Leadership Development, Ethics
  2. James E. Sheldon, Entrepreneurship; Business and Tax Planning

Professors of the Practice

  1. Joseph N. LeBoeuf, Leadership, Leader Development, Organizational Culture

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