Alison Hill, Assistant Professor of the Practice  

Alison Hill

PhD,, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1988

Office Location: BioSci: 0054
Office Phone: (919) 660-7349
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Cell and Molecular Biology

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  1. Schultz, T., Medina, J., Hill, A. and Quatrano, R. S., 14-3-3 proteins are part of an ABA/VP1 response complex in the Em promoter and interact with VP1 and EmBP1., Plant Cell 10: 837-848., vol. 10 (1998), pp. 837-848. .
  2. Hill, A., Nantel, A., Rock, C. D. and Quatrano, R. S., A conserved domain of the viviparous-1 gene product enhances the DNA-binding activity of the bZIP factor EmBP-1 and other transcription factors., J. Biol. Chem., vol. 271 (1996), pp. 3366-3374 .
  3. Hill, A., and Bloom, K.S., The acquisition and processing of dicentric chromosomes in yeast, Molecular and Cellular Biology, vol. 9 (1989), pp. 1368- 1370 .
  4. Hill, A., and Bloom, K., Genetic manipulation of centromere function, Molecular and Cellular Biology, vol. 7 (1987), pp. 2397-2405. .
  5. Bloom, K.S., Amaya, E., Carbon, J., Clarke, L., Hill, A, and Yeh, E, Chromatin conformation of yeast centromeres, J. Cell Biology, vol. 99 (1984), pp. 1559-1568 .