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Research Interests for Pietro F. Peretto

Research Interests: Growth, Industrial Organization and Technical Change

Professor Peretto focuses his research pursuits on industrial organization, technological change, and other aspects pertaining to the field of macroeconomics. His studies have explored a variety of factors, such as international trade, growth and innovation, market structure, corporate taxation, industrial organization, development and the environment, R&D, and more. Much of his analyses of his subjects tend to utilize the endogenous growth theories. He has been publishing his research papers for nearly two decades, and has had his work appear in books and leading academic journals such as the International Journal of Industrial Organization, Increasing Returns and Economic Analysis, and various economic journals throughout Europe. Titles of his recent writings include, “Corporate Taxes, Growth and Welfare in a Schumpeterian Economy,” “Fiscal Policy and Long-run Growth in R&D Based Models with Endogenous Market Structure,” and “Industry and Family: Two Engines of Growth,” in addition to many others. Professor Peretto’s latest research projects involve exploring such subjects as resource scarcity, job creation, intra-industry trade, sustainable growth, and “deaths, births, and economic growth.”

macroeconomics , growth, technological change, innovation, R&D, international trade, development, natural resources, enviroment, industrial organization, market structure, coroprate taxation
Recent Publications
  1. Coffey, B; McLaughlin, PA; Peretto, P, The cumulative cost of regulations, Review of Economic Dynamics no. 2016 (January, 2020) [doi[abs]
  2. Ferraro, D; Peretto, PF, Innovation-led growth in a time of debt, European Economic Review, vol. 121 (January, 2020) [doi[abs]
  3. Kane, RF; Peretto, PF, More apples vs. better apples: Distribution and innovation-driven growth, Journal of Economic Theory, vol. 185 (January, 2020) [doi[abs]
  4. Brunnschweiler, CN; Peretto, PF; Valente, S, Wealth creation, wealth dilution and demography, Journal of Monetary Economics (January, 2020) [doi[abs]
  5. Ferraro, D; Peretto, PF, Commodity Prices and Growth, The Economic Journal, vol. 128 no. 616 (December, 2018), pp. 3242-3265, Oxford University Press (OUP) [doi[abs]

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