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Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies Grad: Research Interests


  1. Kelly Alexander, 1
  2. Annu Dahiya, The Concept of Force in the History of Thought and Science; The Relationship between Science, Violence, and Knowledge Production; Non/In/Post-Humanism; Biopolitics; The History of the Concept of the Gene; The past, present, and futures of Microbiology, Virology, and Microbial Genetics
  3. Shannan Hayes, Feminist Theory, especially the move from epistemology to ontology and ...
  4. Ana Huang, 3
  5. Carla Hung, Migration in Italy; Cultures of Hospitality; ...
  6. Xiao Ke, 1
  7. Zachary Levine, 1
  8. Sasha Panaram, African American Literature; Nineteenth and Twentieth Century American Literatures; Critical ...
  9. Cole Rizki, Trans Studies
  10. Jake Silver, My research concerns the intimate dynamics of mediation, specifically how ...
  11. Jessica Stark, 20th-Century American poetry, forms of cultural belonging and exile in ...
  12. Christina Tekie, 2
  13. Farren Yero, I'm a first year student with a background in Latin ...

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