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List of Specialties: Music Faculty

Name Specialties
Bagg, Jonathan E.  Performance, Strings 
Berliner, Paul  Ethnomusicology 
Brothers, Thomas  Musicology 
Brown, John V.  Ensemble Directors, Performance, Strings 
Bryan, Paul R.  Ensemble Directors, Musicology, Brass and Percussion 
Byrne, Laura  Performance, Strings 
Cotton, Sandra  Voice 
Davidson, Harry L.  Ensemble Directors 
Dunn, Susan R.  Performance, Voice, Ensemble Directors 
Eagle, Don  Brass and Percussion 
Fancher, Susan  Woodwinds 
Finucane, David  Performance, Woodwinds 
Gilliam, Bryan  Musicology 
Gilmore, Jimmy  Performance, Woodwinds 
Greenberg, Susan  Performance, Keyboard 
Heid, David  Performance, Keyboard 
Jaffe, Stephen  Composition, Performance 
Jensen, Penelope  Performance, Voice 
Kelley, Anthony M.  Composition, Music Theory 
Kris, Michael  Performance, Brass and Percussion 
Ku, Hsiao-Mei  Performance, Strings 
Lindroth, Scott A.  Composition 
Linnartz, Elizabeth B.  Performance, Voice 
Liu, Pei Fen  Performance, Keyboard 
Love, Randall M.  Performance, Keyboard 
Meintjes, Louise  Ethnomusicology 
Mösenbichler-Bryant, Verena  Ensemble Directors, Performance 
Newsome, Bo  Performance, Woodwinds 
Niketopoulos, Rachel  Brass and Percussion 
Paolantonio, Edmund  Performance, Keyboard 
Parkins, Robert  Performance, Keyboard 
Pritchard, Eric N.  Performance, Strings 
Raimi, Frederic B.  Performance, Strings 
Reed, Randy  Performance, Strings 
Robinson, Mary Kay  Strings 
Rupprecht, Philip  Music Theory, Musicology 
Silbiger, Alexander  Musicology 
Simmons, Bradley  Ensemble Directors, Performance, -----Performance Instrument Families 
Stoia, Nicholas  Music Theory 
Supko, John  Composition 
Testroet, Roman  Ensemble Directors, Musicology, Voice 
Todd, R. Larry  Musicology, Music Theory, Keyboard 
Troxler, Rebecca  Performance, Woodwinds 
Waeber, Jacqueline  Musicology 
Wynkoop, Rodney  Ensemble Directors 

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