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Music Faculty: Research Interests


  1. Randall M. Love, Piano, fortepiano and music for modern dance
  2. William Seaman, Generative Poetic Systems, Interactive Art, Experimental Art, Music, Installation Art, Generative Computational Tools, New Forms of Computation, Recombinant Informatics, Recombinant Poetics


  1. Stephen Jaffe, Composition

Ensemble Directors

  1. Bradley Simmons, Djembe and Afro-Cuban drumming


  1. Paul Berliner, Improvisation, oral tradition, creativity and music learning processes
  2. Bryan Gilliam, German Opera, Vienna, Wagner, Strauss, Film Music, and 19th & 20th Century
  3. Scott A. Lindroth, I compose instrumental and vocal music as well as work ...
  4. Louise Meintjes, The politics of music production, the intersection of song and dance, voice, the arts and human rights
  5. Philip Rupprecht, analysis of 20th-century art music; British music; the avant-garde
  6. R. Larry Todd, 18th-20th Century music, music of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy and Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel, and Beethoven
  7. Jacqueline Waeber, Music and philosophy of the arts; Opera studies; French musical culture


  1. Thomas Brothers, Popular music, Jazz, Late Medieval And Early Renaissance Music, African-American Music
  2. Paul R. Bryan, Musicologist, specializing in music of the so-called Classic Period of the Eighteenth Century interest, in particular Johann Baptist Wanhal

Performance: Brass and Percussion

  1. Don Eagle, trumpet
  2. Michael Kris, Trombone and Tuba
  3. Nicholas Stoia, Nicholas Stoia holds a doctorate in music theory from the ...

Performance: Keyboard

  1. John V. Brown, big band music, Big Band Music, big bands--united states, Big Bands--united States, jazz, Jazz, jazz ensembles, Jazz Ensembles, jazz musicians, Jazz Musicians, solo instrument music (jazz), Solo Instrument Music (jazz)
  2. Susan R. Dunn, Voice and Opera
  3. Susan Greenberg, class piano
  4. Anthony M. Kelley, Post-19th Century Composition, African-American Music Making, Performance, New Blues, and Improvisation, Film Music, Documentary Film/Video/Music
  5. Pei Fen Liu, Piano
  6. Edmund Paolantonio, Jazz Piano
  7. Frederic B. Raimi, Ciompi Quartet and Cello
  8. Rebecca Troxler, Flute music and performance practice of all periods.I

Performance: Strings

  1. Jonathan E. Bagg, Ciompi Quartet, Viola and Chamber Music

  2. Harry L. Davidson, Orchestral Conducting, Opera Conducting, Music History
  3. Hsiao-Mei Ku, Ciompi Quartet and Chinese Music and Heritage
  4. Verena Mösenbichler-Bryant, Verena Moesenbichler-Bryant serves as Assistant Professor of the Practice of ...
  5. Robert Parkins, Early Iberian Keyboard Music, German Romantic Organs
  6. Eric N. Pritchard, Ciompi Quartet, Violin and Alexander Technique, Baroque violin performance practice
  7. Randy Reed, Guitar

Performance: Voice

  1. Sandra Cotton, Vocal Pedagogy, Voice Rehabilitation, Stage Movement
  2. Penelope Jensen, Voice

Performance: Woodwinds

  1. Susan Fancher, A much sought after performer of new music, Dr. Susan ...
  2. Jimmy Gilmore, clarinet
  3. David Heid, Piano
  4. Elizabeth B. Linnartz, Diction, Vocal pedagogy, Vocal literature, Music and theology

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