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Slavic and Eurasian Studies Faculty: Research Interests


  1. William Johnson, Athens (Greece)--Intellectual life, Books and reading, Libraries, Literature and society, Manuscripts, Greek (papyri), Music, Greek and Roman, Readers, Second Sophistic movement

Primary Faculty

  1. Edna Andrews, Cognitive and Neurolinguistics, Slavic and General Linguistics, Russia (Language & Culture), Language & Memory, Semiotics
  2. Carol Apollonio, 19th Century Russian Literature, Language Pedagogy, Translation & Interpreting Theory and Practice. Russian Post-Glasnost Prose Fiction, and Japanese Language & Literature
  3. Jehanne Gheith, 19th & 20th Century Literature, Gulag, Women's & Gender Studies, Cultural Memory
  4. Beth Holmgren, performing arts studies, women's studies, culture and the market, cross-cultural representations
  5. Elena A Maksimova, Advanced and Specialized Russian Language and Culture, Stylistics, Soviet and Russian Film, 20th & contemporary Russian Literature
  6. Jody McAuliffe, Literary & Cultural Criticism, translation, Russian theater
  7. Michael Newcity, Russian and comparative law
  8. Mustafa O. Tuna, Turkic and Muslim peoples of Central Eurasia
  9. Joanne Van Tuyl, Technology in Russian-Language Classroom; African American & Russian Studies; 19th Century Russian Literature, Russian Language, Comparative Literature

Secondary Faculty

  1. Martin A. Miller, Political Violence


  1. Denis Mickiewicz, Europe Russia Literature ...

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