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Research Interests for Gregory R. Lockhead

Research Interests: Perception, Sensation, and Psychophysics

Theoretical issues of cognitive processes (perception and categorization), and measurement issues of psychophysics (vision, audition, judgment, context), as they relate to questions about identification and classification (e.g., How will I recognize you the next time I see you?).

Acoustic Stimulation, Adult, Analysis of Variance, Arm, Artificial Limbs, Association, Attention, Auditory Perception, Biofeedback, Psychology, Computer Systems, Context, Data Display, Differential Threshold, Discrimination (Psychology), Discrimination Learning, Distance Perception, Electric Stimulation, Electrodes, Implanted, Eye Movements, Feedback, Female, Figural Aftereffect, Form Perception, Humans, Illusions, Imagination, Information Theory, Judgment, Learning, Light, Loudness, Loudness Perception, Male, Median Nerve, Memory, Mental Recall, Models, Psychological, Motor Skills, Music, Occupational Diseases, Orientation, Perception, Photic Stimulation, Photometry, Pitch, Pitch Discrimination, Pitch Perception, Practice (Psychology), Psychoacoustics, Psychophysics, Reaction Time, Sensation, Sensory Thresholds, Size Perception, Sound, Space Perception, Terminology as Topic, Time Factors, Vision Disorders, Visual Perception
Recent Publications   (search)
  1. Needham, A, Dueker, G, & Lockhead, G.,, Infants’ formation and use of categories to segregate objects. Cognition, 94, 215-240.. (2005).
  2. Lockhead, G.R. & Wolbarsht, M., The moon illusion and other toys, in The Moon Illusion, edited by M. Hershenson (2004), pp. 259-266, Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum.
  3. G. Lockhead, Context and Judgment, in Fechner Day 2001 (2001), pp. 186-192, Pabst Science Publishers, Leipzig, Germany.
  4. Huettel, S. & Lockhead, G., A Framework for Feature Creation. Commentary on: The Development of Features in Object Concepts, in Behavioral and Brain Sciences, edited by Schyns, P.G., Goldstone, R.L., & Thibaut, J. (2000).
  5. Huettel, S. & Lockhead, GR, "Psychologically Rational Choice: Selection Between Alternatives in a Multiple-Equilibrium Game", Cognitive Systems Research (2000), pp. 143-160.

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