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Research Interests for James R. Bettman

Research Interests: Consumer Behavior, Decision Making, Emotion and Choice

Adaptation, Psychological, Adolescent, Adult, Affect, Attention, Awareness, Brain Mapping, Cerebral Cortex, Choice Behavior, Cognition, Cognitive Dissonance, Decision Making, Emotions, Female, Gambling, Humans, Image Processing, Computer-Assisted, Individuality, Logistic Models, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Male, Middle Aged, Motivation, Nerve Net, Neuropsychological Tests, Oxygen, Predictive Value of Tests, Probability, Psychology, Questionnaires, Reward, Risk-Taking, Social Behavior, Thinking, Unconscious (Psychology), Young Adult
Recent Publications   (search)
  1. Brick, DJ; Wight, KG; Bettman, JR; Chartrand, TL; Fitzsimons, GJ, Celebrate Good Times: How Celebrations Increase Perceived Social Support, Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, vol. 42 no. 2 (April, 2023), pp. 115-132 [doi[abs].
  2. Wiener, HJD; Bettman, JR; Luce, MF, Product-facilitated conversations: When does starting a conversation by mentioning a product lead to better conversational outcomes?, Journal of Consumer Psychology (January, 2023) [doi[abs].
  3. Affonso, FM; Janiszewski, C; Bettman, JR, Boundaries of Constructive Choice: On the Accessibility of Maximize Accuracy and Minimize Effort Goals, Journal of Consumer Psychology, vol. 31 no. 2 (April, 2021), pp. 217-239 [doi[abs].
  4. Liu, PJ; Haws, KL; Scherr, K; Redden, JP; Bettman, JR; Fitzsimons, GJ, The primacy of “what” over “how much”: How type and quantity shape healthiness perceptions of food portions, Management Science, vol. 65 no. 7 (July, 2019), pp. 3353-3381 [doi[abs].
  5. Liu, PJ; Lamberton, C; Bettman, JR; Fitzsimons, GJ, Delicate Snowflakes and Broken Bonds: A Conceptualization of Consumption-Based Offense, Journal of Consumer Research, vol. 45 no. 6 (April, 2019), pp. 1164-1193 [doi[abs].

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