CNCS: Center for nonlinear and complex systems: Graduate Course Listing for Fall, 2012

Course Instructor Title Synopsis
PHYSICS 771.01 Socolar, Joshua  MINI-COURSE: CURRENT RESEARCH Synopsis 
PHYSICS 771.03 Palmer, Richard  MINI-COURSE: CURRENT RESEARCH Synopsis 
BIOLOGY 790.01 Koelle, Katharina  TOPICS IN BIOLOGY Synopsis 
EOS 791.05 Haff, Peter  INDEPENDENT STUDY Synopsis 
EOS 791.11 Murray, A. Brad  INDEPENDENT STUDY Synopsis 
BIOLOGY 791T.20 Nijhout, H.  TUTORIAL Synopsis 
BIOLOGY 791T.47 McShea, Daniel  TUTORIAL Synopsis 
BIOLOGY 791T.67 Koelle, Katharina  TUTORIAL Synopsis 
BIOLOGY 791T.74 Wilson, William  TUTORIAL Synopsis 
BIOLOGY 792.20 Nijhout, H.  RESEARCH Synopsis 
BIOLOGY 792.47 McShea, Daniel  RESEARCH Synopsis 
BIOLOGY 792.67 Koelle, Katharina  RESEARCH Synopsis 
BIOLOGY 792.74 Wilson, William  RESEARCH Synopsis 
MATH 799.02 Mattingly, Jonathan  SPECIAL READINGS Synopsis 
PHYSICS 501.01 Behringer, Robert  NONLINEAR & COMPLEX SYSTEMS Synopsis 
PHYSICS 513.01 Virgin, Lawrence  NONLINEAR DYNAMICS Synopsis 
COMPSCI 524.01 Virgin, Lawrence  NONLINEAR DYNAMICS Synopsis 
ECE 541.01 Gauthier, Daniel  ADVANCED OPTICS Synopsis 
BME 552.01 Gauthier, Daniel  ADVANCED OPTICS Synopsis 
MATH 555.01 Schaeffer, David  ORDINARY DIFF EQUATIONS Synopsis 
ECE 590.04 Brady, David  ADVANCED TOPICS IN ECE Synopsis 
PHYSICS 621.01 Gauthier, Daniel  ADVANCED OPTICS Synopsis 
MATH 631.01 Beale, J.  REAL ANALYSIS Synopsis 
ME 639.01 Howle, Laurens  COMP FLD MECH & HEAT TRN Synopsis 
ME 672.01 Hall, Kenneth  UNSTEADY AERODYNAMICS Synopsis 
PHYSICS 760.01 Palmer, Richard  MATH METHODS OF PHYSICS Synopsis 
BME 790.06 Wolf, Patrick  ADV TOP FOR GRADS IN BME Synopsis