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Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies: Course Listing for Spring, 2002   [all time]

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Course Title Instructor Synopsis Time Room
Wst 103.001 Intro to women's studies Rudy, Mary  Synopsis TuTh 12:40-1:55 East Duke 204D
Sxl 115s.01 Perspectives:gay/lesbn studies Fulbrook, Denise  TuTh 10:55-12:10 Gross Chem 110
Sxl 120s.01 Seminars selected topics Russell, Lorena  TuTh 12:40-1:55 Frank Ctr 130/132
Wst 150.04 Selected topics Jarrett, Kelly  W 3:55-6:25 Gray 220
Wst 150.07 Selected topics Mazumdar, Sucheta  MW 2:20-3:35 Carr 135
Wst 150s.01 Selected topics Edwards, Laura  TuTh 2:15-3:30 Carr 242
Wst 150s.02 Selected topics Gier, Christina Bindslev  Synopsis TuTh 12:40-1:55 Biddle 086
Wst 150s.03 Selected topics Wanzo, Rebecca Ann  Synopsis TuTh 9:10-10:25 East Duke 204C
Wst 150s.04 Selected topics Abravanel, Genevieve Elisabeth  Synopsis MW 2:20-3:35 East Duke 204C
Wst 150s.05 Selected topics Meyers, Carol  M 3:55-6:25 Gray 220
Wst 150s.06 Selected topics Lindgren, Erika Lauren  Synopsis TuTh 3:50-5:5 White Lec 201
Wst 150s.10 Selected topics Pierce-Baker, Charlotte  Synopsis TuTh 2:15-3:30 East Duke 204C
Wst 180s.01 Feminism and practice Sieburth, Stephanie  Synopsis W 3:55-6:25 East Duke 204C
Wst 195s.01 Senior seminar (top) Gheith, Jehanne  Synopsis TuTh 10:55-12:10 East Duke 204C
Wst 210s.01 Topics women's studies Schauman, Sally  Synopsis TuTh 12:40-1:55 East Duke 204C
Wst 210s.06 Topics women's studies Mirovitskaya, Natalia  Th 6:30-9:0 Sanford 225
Wst 213.01 Foundations: 60s-present Rudy, Mary  Synopsis Tu 3:50-6:20 East Duke 204C

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