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English Faculty: Publications since January 2020

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Aers, David

  1. Aers, D. Versions of Election From Langland and Aquinas to Calvin and Milton. November, 2020. 324 pages pp.  [abs]
  2. Aers, D. "Chaucer: A European Life, by Marion TurnerHistorians on Chaucer: The General Prologue to the Canterbury Tales, ed. Stephen H. Rigby with Alastair J. Minnis." English Historical Review 135.575Oxford University Press (OUP), (November, 2020): 999-1003. [doi]
  3. Aers, D. "Historians on Chaucer: The General Prologue to the Canterbury Tales." English Historical Review 135.575 (August, 2020): 999-1003.

Armstrong, Nancy

  1. Armstrong, N. "Some Endangered Feeling." Daedalus 150.1MIT Press - Journals, (January, 2021): 40-61. [doi]  [abs]
  2. Armstrong, N. "Fagin's Last Words." Mediations The Marxist Literary Group, (2021): 11 pages.
  3. Armstrong, N. "Why the Bildungsroman no longer works." Textual Practice 34.12Informa UK Limited, (December, 2020): 2091-2111. [doi]
  4. Armstrong, N. "Realism and Anachronism." Novel a Forum on Fiction 53.2Duke University Press, (August, 2020): 137-142. [doi]

Ferraro, Thomas J.

  1. Ferraro, TJ. Transgression and Redemption in American Fiction. Oxford University Press, October, 2020. 272 pages pp.  [abs]

Gobert, R. Darren

  1. Gobert, RD. "Adaptations." Tom Stoppard in Context Cambridge University Press. (June, 2021): 214-221.  [abs]

Hayles, N. Katherine

  1. Hayles, NK. "Three species challenges: Toward a general ecology of cognitive assemblages." The Ethos of Digital Environments: Technology, Literary Theory and Philosophy.  2021. 27-45.
  2. Hayles, NK. "Novel corona: Posthuman virus." Critical Inquiry 47.S2 (January, 2021): S68-S72. [doi]
  3. Hayles, NK. "Textual and real-life spaces: expanding theoretical frameworks." Studia Neophilologica  (January, 2021) [doi]  [abs]
  4. Hayles, NK. "Morphing Intelligence: From IQ Measurement to Artificial Brains.." Critical Inquiry 46.3UNIV CHICAGO PRESS, (March, 2020): 706-707.

Jaji, Tsitsi E.

  1. Jaji, T. "Our Readers Write: mediating Africa Poetry's Audiences." Research in African Literatures Indiana University Press, (2020)
  2. Jaji, T. "Trade of Tears: Removal's Resonance in the Black Atlantic." The Acoustics of the Social on Page and Screen. Ed. Aghoro, N. Bloomsbury, 2020. 

Khanna, Ranjana

  1. Khanna, R. "Touching the corpse: Reading Sinan Antoon." New Literary History 51.2 (March, 2020): 401-418. [doi]

Mackey, Nathaniel

  1. Mackey, N. "The art of poetry no. 107." Paris Review 2020-Spring.232 (March, 2020): 140-168.

Mitchell, Robert E.

  1. Mitchell, R. Infectious Liberty: Biopolitics Between Romanticism and Liberalism.  Fordham University Press, April 2021.  [abs]

Neal, Mark A.

  1. Neal, MA. Pop Culture Helped Turn Police Officers Into Rock Stars — And Black Folks Into Criminals.  Level Magazine (October, 2021).  [abs]
  2. Neal, MA. “Swinging While I’m Singing”: Spike Lee, Public Enemy, and the Message in the Music.  Black Perspectives (June, 2021).
  3. Neal, MA. How Curtis Mayfield and Gladys Knight Created a Sound for Working-Class Black America.  The Current | Critterion Collection (October, 2020).  [abs]

Pfau, Thomas

  1. Pfau, T. "Kantian Aesthetics as "Soft" Iconoclasm." Logos a Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture 24.3 (2021): 69-88.
  2. Pfau, T. "Absolute Gegebenheit: Image as aesthetic Urphanomen in Husserl and Rilke." Phenomenology to the Letter: Husserl and Literature.  2020. 227-260. [doi]  [abs]

Pope, Deborah

  1. Pope, D. Take Nothing. Carnegie Mellon University Press, February, 2020.

Rogers, Bradley

  1. Rogers, JB. The Song is You Musical Theatre and the Politics of Bursting Into Song and Dance.  2020.  [abs]

Sharma, Akhil

  1. Sharma, A; Parekh, SG. "Pathologies of the Peroneals: A Review.." Foot Ankle Spec 14.2 (April, 2021): 170-177. [doi]  [abs]
  2. Akoh, CC; Fletcher, A; Sharma, A; Parekh, SG. "Clinical Outcomes and Complications Following Limited Open Achilles Repair Without an Instrumented Guide.." Foot Ankle Int 42.3 (March, 2021): 294-304. [doi]  [abs]
  3. Sharma, A; Whitlock, KG; Gage, MJ; Lassiter, TE; Anakwenze, OA; Klifto, CS. "Malpractice trends in shoulder and elbow surgery.." J Shoulder Elbow Surg  (February, 2021) [doi]  [abs]
  4. Kadakia, RJ; Sharma, A; Sam, J; Parekh, SG. "Traumatic Hallux Varus: Operative Technique Guide." Techniques in Foot and Ankle Surgery  (January, 2021) [doi]  [abs]
  5. Sharma, A; Kirkland, KS; Holloway, RM; Parekh, SG. "Incorporating 3D Printing Into Your Practice: Lessons Learned.." Foot Ankle Spec  (December, 2020): 1938640020980912. [doi]  [abs]
  6. Kadakia, RJ; Akoh, CC; Chen, J; Sharma, A; Parekh, SG. "3D Printed Total Talus Replacement for Avascular Necrosis of the Talus.." Foot Ankle Int 41.12 (December, 2020): 1529-1536. [doi]  [abs]
  7. Chen, J; Sharma, A; Akoh, CC; Kadakia, R; Parekh, SG. "Clinical Safety and Efficacy of a Novel Ultrasound-Assisted Bioabsorbable Suture Anchor in Foot and Ankle Surgeries.." Foot Ankle Int 41.9 (September, 2020): 1073-1078. [doi]  [abs]
  8. Bejarano-Pineda, L; Sharma, A; Adams, SB; Parekh, SG. "Three-Dimensional Printed Cage in Patients With Tibiotalocalcaneal Arthrodesis Using a Retrograde Intramedullary Nail: Early Outcomes.." Foot Ankle Spec  (May, 2020): 1938640020920947. [doi]  [abs]

Smith, Barbara H.

  1. Smith, BH. "Perplexing realities: Practicing relativism in the anthropocene." Climate Realism: The Aesthetics of Weather and Atmosphere in the Anthropocene.  2020. 138-156.

Stan, Corina M

  1. Stan, C. Review of Yi-Ping Ong, The Art of Being. Poetics of the Novel and Existentialist Philosophy.  Philosophy and Literature 44.1 (2020): 199-206.
  2. Stan, C. “Modernity and a Day”, review of Philip Sicker, Joyce, Film and Visual Culture.  Novel a Forum on Fiction 53.3 (2020): 485-489.

Sussman, Charlotte S.

  1. Turner, PJ; Cannon, S; DeLand, S; Delgado, JP; Eltis, D; Halpin, PN; Kanu, MI; Sussman, CS; Varmer, O; Van Dover, CL. "Memorializing the Middle Passage on the Atlantic seabed in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction." Marine Policy 122 (December, 2020) [doi]  [abs]
  2. Sussman, C. "Where will dido rest?." Modern Philology 118.2 (November, 2020): 213-233. [doi]  [abs]
  3. Sussman, C. "How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land?." English Language Notes 58.2 (October, 2020): 187-189. [doi]
  4. Sussman, C. Peopling the World Representing Human Mobility from Milton to Malthus. University of Pennsylvania Press, April, 2020. 304 pages pp.  [abs]

Vadde, Aarthi

  1. VADDE, A. "Platform or publisher." Pmla 136.3Modern Language Association (MLA), (May, 2021): 455-462. [doi]
  2. Ahuja, N; Allewaert, M; Andrews, L; Canavan, G; Evans, R; Farooq, NM; Fretwell, E; Gaskill, N; Jagoda, P; Lamb, EG; Rhee, J; Rusert, B; Taylor, MA; Vadde, A; Wald, P; Walsh, R. The Palgrave Handbook of Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Literature and Science. Palgrave Macmillan, January, 2021. 689 pages pp.  [abs]
  3. Vadde, A. "Language's Hopes: Global Modernism and the Science of Debabelization." The New Modernist Studies. Ed. Mao, D. Cambridge University Press, 2020. 200-224. [doi]  [abs]
  4. Vadde, A. Enumerations: Data and Literary StudyPasswords: Philology, Security, AuthenticationThe Digital Banal: New Media and American Literature and Culture.  American Literature 92.4 (December, 2020): 820-824. [doi]

Wald, Priscilla

  1. Altschuler, S; Wald, P. "COVID-19: Pandemic reading." American Literature 92.4 (December, 2020): 681-688. [doi]

Williams, George W.

  1. Williams, GW. ""With a little shuffling"." "Fanned and Winnowed Opinions": Shakespearean Essays Presented to Harold Jenkins.  2021. 151-159.

Winters, Joseph R.

  1. Zamalin, A; Winters, JR; Olson, A; Njoya, W. Toni Morrison and political theory.  Contemporary Political Theory 19.4 (December, 2020): 704-729. [doi]

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