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Aidoo, Lamonte

  1. Aidoo, L, "Genealogies of horror: three stories of slave-women, motherhood, and murder in the Americas". African and Black Diaspora: an International Journal 13:1 (January, 2020): 40-53. [doi]  [abs]

Bell, David F.

  1. Michoulan, E; Bell, DF. "Are Sounds Sound? For an Enthusiastic Study of Sound Studies." Substance 49:2 (2020): 3-29.

Clifford, Joan

  1. Clifford, J. "Building critical consciousness through community-based language learning and global health." Reimagining World Languages Education: Equity, Access, and Social Justice Ed. Wassell, B; Glynn, C. Multilingual Matters, 2021.
  2. Clifford, J; Malone, D; Emmerling, D; Anderson, A; Widney, E. "An Exploratory Study of Student Perceptions of Service-Learning and Social Entrepreneurship." Connecting Civic Engagement and Social Innovation Toward Higher Education's Democratic Promise Ed. Moore McBride, A; Mlyn, E. Stylus Publishing, LLC, April, 2020.  [abs]
  3. Clifford, J; Emmerling, D; Malone, D; Hamilton, N; Widney, E. "Seeing Community Engagement as We Are: Student Perceptions of Service-Learning and Social Entrepreneurship Education." International Journal of Research on Service Learning and Community Engagement 8:1 (2020). [doi]

Dainotto, Roberto M.

    Davis, N. Gregson

    1. "Euphrosyne." Beiträge Zur Altertumskunde 370 (2020).

    Dubois, Laurent

    1. Dubois, L; Glover, K; Menard, N; Verna, CF; Polyné, M. The Haiti Reader History, Culture, Politics.  Latin America Readers, February, 2020: 560 pages.  [abs]

    Eisner, Martin

    1. Eisner, M. Dante's New Life of the Book A Philology of World Literature.  Oxford University Press, USA, March, 2021: 272 pages.  [abs]
    2. EISNER, M; Martin (Chair of Romance Studies and Professor of Italian Eisner, CORSAPOIDU. Dante's New Life of the Book A Philology of World Literature.  Oxford Textual Perspectives, March, 2021: 272 pages.  [abs]
    3. Eisner, MG. "Dante and the Author of the Decameron: Love, Literature, and Authority in Boccaccio." The Oxford Handbook to Chaucer Ed. Akbari, S; Simpson, J. Oxford University Press, 2020.
    4. Eisner, M. "Vernacularization and World Literature: The Language of Women in the World of God." A Companion to World Literature. 2020. [doi]  [abs]
    5. Eisner, M. "The Language of Women in the World of God: Vernacularization." Wiley-Blackwell Companion to World Literature. 2020.

    Finucci, Valeria

    1. Finucci, V. "A royal accident: Medical authority and political dynamics in 1559." I Tatti Studies 24:1 (March, 2021): 41-65. [doi]

    Gabara, Esther L.

    1. Gabara, EL. “El laberinto de la hermandad: Me-Xicano Photography and Protest.”.  University of Washington Press/ Autry National Center/ Chicano Studies Research Center, February, 2020.
    2. Gabara, E; Adey, I, "The Bermuda Triangle of Madrid’s Museums: The Prado, the Museum of the Americas and the National Museum of Anthropology". Art in Translation 12:2 (January, 2020): 128-149. [doi]  [abs]

    Hardt, Michael

    1. Hardt, M. "Immaterial labor and artistic production." Rethinking Marxism. August, 2020, 175-177.  [abs]
    2. Means, AJ; Sojot, AN; Ida, Y; Hardt, M. "A dialogue with Michael Hardt on revolution, joy, and learning to let go." Educational Philosophy and Theory  (January, 2020). [doi]  [abs]
    3. Metz, A; Hardt, M; Mezzadra, S. "From social worker to social ship owner: Interview with Alessandro Metz." South Atlantic Quarterly 119:1 (January, 2020): 176-181. [doi]
    4. Hardt, M; Mezzadra, S. "Introduction: Migrant projects of freedom." South Atlantic Quarterly 119:1 (January, 2020): 168-175. [doi]

    Jameson, Fredric

    1. Jameson, FR. "On levels and categories." Historical Materialism 29:1 (January, 2021): 221-233. [doi]  [abs]
    2. Jameson, F. "Aesthetics today." Clcweb: Comparative Literature and Culture 22:3 (January, 2020): 1-4. [doi]
    3. Jameson, F. "On Literary and Cultural Import-Substitution in the Third World: The Case of the Testimonio." Novoe Literaturnoe Obozrenie :165 (2020): 58-74.

    Jenson, Deborah

    1. Uchitel, J; McDade, C; Mathew, M; Mantri, S; Jenson, D; Husain, AM. "Conversational analysis of consciousness during seizures.." Epilepsy Behav 112 (November, 2020): 107486. [doi]  [abs]
    2. Jenson, D. "Marceline Desbordes-Valmore créolisée et créolisatrice. Décolonisation et préciosité dans « Chanson créole » (1819)." Cahiers Marceline Desbordes Valmore  (2020).

    Longino, Michele   (search)

    1. Longino, M. "The Dialectics of Orientalism in Early Modern Europe. Marcus Keller and Javier Irigoyen-García, eds. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2018. xvi + 252 pp. $99.99.." Renaissance Quarterly 73:4 (2020): 1448-1449. [doi]

    Martin De La Nuez, Tenesoya

    1. Martin De La Nuez, T. "Dystopian Insular Narrative and the Anthropocene Discourse." Islands Studies Journal, 17(1):May 2022 (May, 2022).  [abs]
    2.  Connecting the Global Hispanophone. African and Asian Literature in Spanish.  edited by Martin De La Nuez, TV Vernon Press, March, 2022.

    Mignolo, Walter

    1. Mignolo, WD. "Ayni and Neltilitztli: The reconstitutions of the destituted." Cultural Dynamics 33:3 (August, 2021): 246-252. [doi]  [abs]
    2. Mignolo, WD. "Coloniality and globalization: a decolonial take." Globalizations 18:5 (January, 2021): 720-737. [doi]  [abs]
    3. Mignolo, WD. "Walking decolonially with nick shepherd." Colonial and Decolonial Linguistics: Knowledges and Epistemes. January, 2021, 325-332. [doi]  [abs]
    4. Mignolo, W. The Politics of Decolonial Investigations (forthcoming).  edited by Carballo, F Duke University Press, 2021.  [abs]
    5. Mignolo, WD. "On decoloniality: second thoughts." Postcolonial Studies 23:4 (October, 2020): 612-618. [doi]
    6. Mignolo, WD. "Coloniality at large: Time and the colonial difference." Enchantments of Modernity: Empire, Nation, Globalization. August, 2020, 67-95.
    7. Mignolo, WD. "The Logic of the In-Visible: Decolonial Reflections on the Change of Epoch." Theory, Culture and Society  (January, 2020). [doi]  [abs]
    8. Mignolo, WD. "The geopolitics of knowledge and the colonial difference." Revista Lusofona De Educacao 48:48 (January, 2020): 187-224. [doi]  [abs]

    Milian, Claudia

    1. Milian, C. "Friendly moods." Cultural Dynamics 33:3 (August, 2021): 234-237. [doi]  [abs]

    Quesada, Sarah

    1. Quesada, S. The African Heritage of Latinx and Caribbean Literature.  edited by Ganguly, D; Orsini, F; Ryan, R Cambridge University Press, 2022.
    2. Quesada, S. "Atlantic Continuities in Tomás Rivera and Rudolfo Anaya." The Oxford Handbook of Latino Studies. Oxford University Press, 2020.
    3. Quesada, S. ""Achy Obejas’ The Tower of the Antilles and a literary life in retrospect"."   (2020).

    Reisinger, Deborah

    1. Reisinger, DS; Raycraft, MB; Dieu-Porter, N. Affaires globales S'engager dans la vie professionnelle en français, niveau avancé.  Georgetown University Press, January, 2021: 280 pages.  [abs]
    2. Clifford, J; Reisinger, D. "Community-Based Learning During a Pandemic."  . November, 2020
    3. Hunter, K; Knettel, B; Reisinger, D; Ganapathy, P; Lian, T; Wong, J; Mayorga-Young, D; Zhou, A; Elnagheeb, M; McGovern, M; Thielman, N; Whetten, K; Esmaili, E. "Examining Health Care Access for Refugee Children and Families in the North Carolina Triangle Area.." North Carolina Medical Journal 81:6 (November, 2020): 348-354. [doi]  [abs]

    Rodríguez García, José María

    1. José Mª Rodríguez García. "La bibliofarmacia de Kate Chopin o la lectura como intoxicación." Cuadernos de Investigación Filológica 29-30 (2003-2004): 7-28.

    Rosa, Richard

    1. Rosa, R. Finance and Literature in 19th Century Latin America. June, 2021.

    Saliot, Anne-Gaelle

    1. Saliot, AG. "Politics and ontology of the image: Godard's debt to blanchot." . January, 2021, 61-78. [doi]  [abs]

    Solterer, Helen

    1. Solterer, H, "A timely villon: Anachrony and premodern poetic fiction". New Literary History 52:2 (June, 2021): 311-334. [doi]

    Tholl, Brian

    1. Tholl, B. "Italy Must Be Defended: Surveillance and Biopolitics in Una giornata particolare." The Cinema of Ettore Scola Ed. Lanzoni, R; Bowen, E. Wayne State University Press, September, 2020.

    Ziolkowski, Saskia

    1. Ziolkowski, S. "Thomas Bernhard, Italo Calvino, Elena Ferrante, and Claudio Magris: From Postmodernism to Anti-Semitism." Thomas Bernhard's Afterlives. Bloomsbury Publishing USA, October, 2020, 183-206.  [abs]
    2. Ziolkowski, S. Kafka's Italian Progeny.  University of Toronto Press, 2020.