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Theater Studies Faculty: Research Interests


  1. Anthony M. Kelley, Post-19th Century Composition, African-American Music Making, Performance, New Blues, and Improvisation, Film Music, Documentary Film/Video/Music
  2. John Supko, Electroacoustic Music, Computer-assisted composition


  1. Torry Bend, Muser Mentor
  2. Ellen Hemphill, Writing, producing theater,
  3. Jody McAuliffe, Directing, Literary & Cultural Criticism, Literary Nonfiction, Documentary
  4. Bradley Rogers, Nineteenth Century American Theatre, Musical Theatre
  5. Jeff M. Storer, Directing


  1. Beth Holmgren, performing arts studies, women's studies, culture and the market, cross-cultural representations
  2. Kristine Stiles, trauma studies, destruction and violence in art, performance, installation, and video art, Fluxus, documentary photography in the nuclear age, feminism.


  1. John M. Clum, 20th Century, British & American Drama & Film, Gender Studies, and Gay Studies


  1. Sarah Beckwith, Sarah Beckwith (Ph.D., University of London) has worked at the ...

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