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Theater Studies Faculty: Publications since January 2021

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DeFrantz, Thomas F.

  1. Defrantz, TF, Intermediality and queer African American improvisation: Dianne mcintyre, sounds in motion, Theatre Research International, vol. 46 no. 2 (July, 2021), pp. 115-127 [doi]  [abs].
  2. DeFrantz, TF, The race of contemporary ballet: Interpellations of africanist aesthetics, in The Oxford Handbook of Contemporary Ballet (January, 2021), pp. 562-580 [doi]  [abs].

Finucci, Valeria

  1. Finucci, V, A royal accident: Medical authority and political dynamics in 1559, I Tatti Studies, vol. 24 no. 1 (March, 2021), pp. 41-65 [doi] .

Gobert, R. Darren

  1. Gobert, RD. "The Seven Streams of the River Ota: National Theatre, London, UK." Paj: a Journal of Performance and Art 43:3 (September, 2021): 35-39. [doi]
  2. Gobert, RD. Adaptations.  edited by Kornhaber, D; Loehlin, J Cambridge University Press, (June, 2021): 214-221.  [abs]

Hadjioannou, Markos

  1. Chow, R; Hadjioannou, M, Fathers in flux, Cultural Critique, vol. 114 (December, 2022), pp. 23-39 .

Lee, Esther K.

  1. LEE, EKIM. Made-Up Asians Yellowface During the Exclusion Era. (July, 2022): 296 pages.  [abs]
  2.  MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY WORLD DRAMA Critical and Primary Sources. (2022).  [abs]
  3. Lee, E. Transcultural Memory and Food in Julia Cho’s Aubergine. (July, 2021).
  4. Lee, E. Sounding Asian American: Geeks and Superheroes in Qui Nguyen’s Vietgone.  Routledge, (May, 2021): 193-206.

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