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Education Faculty: Research Interests

Primary Faculty

  1. Amy Anderson, Service-Learning, Assessment of Service-Learning, Social Foundations of Education, Curriculum Theory, Feminist Theory
  2. David M. Malone, Tutoring At-Risk Children
  3. Jan Riggsbee, Elementary Education, Teacher Preparation, Cognitive Developmental Theory as Applied to Teacher Education, Literacy Instruction, Early Childhood Education, Mentoring Programs/Relationships, Educational Leadership, Cooperative Learning
  4. Susan Wynn, Digital Storytelling, Beginning Teacher Retention, Educational Leadership

Affiliated Faculty

  1. Jehanne Gheith, 19th & 20th Century Literature, Gulag, Women's & Gender Studies, Cultural Memory
  2. Suzanne J Wasiolek, Higher education administration with emphasis on student affairs administration; legal ...

Emeritus Faculty

  1. Barbara Jentleson, Afterschool programs, at-risk children,

Master of Arts in Teaching Affiliated Faculty

  1. Thomas J. Ferraro, American Literature and Culture, with special expertise in the novel and in the interplay of religion, ethnicity, and the media arts
  2. Ezra Miller, Geometry, algebra, combinatorics, algorithms, probability, statistics, biology, neuroscience and other applications
  3. M. Ronen Plesser, String Theory

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