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Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies Faculty: Publications since January 2021

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Antliff, Mark

  1. Antliff, M. "Julia Adeney Thomas and Geoff Eley (eds), Visualizing Fascism: The Twentieth-Century Rise of the Global Right, reviewed by Mark Antliff." Journal of Visual Culture 20:1 (April, 2021): 113-116. [doi]
  2. Antliff, M. Sculptors Against the State: Anarchism and the Anglo-European Avant-Garde.  Penn State University Press, 2021.
  3. Antliff, M. "Henri Matisse's Portrait of a Standing Riffian: Islam, Byzantium, and 'Aristocratic Barbarism'." Image, Object, and Text: Canadian Contributions to the Study of Islamic Art and Archaeology  (2021).
  4. Leighten, P; Antliff, M. "“Kandinsky and Radical Ecology: States of Mind, States of Abstraction"." Vasily Kandinsky: Around the Circle.  (2021): 29-39.

Chow, Rey

  1. Chow, R. A Face Drawn in Sand Humanistic Inquiry and Foucault in the Present.  Columbia University Press, April, 2021.  [abs]

cooke, miriam

  1. Cooke, M. "Intelligent souls? Feminist orientalism in eighteenth-century English literature." Journal of Middle East Women'S Studies 17:2 (July, 2021): 271-273. [doi]

DeFrantz, Thomas F.

  1. Defrantz, TF. "Intermediality and queer African American improvisation: Dianne mcintyre, sounds in motion." Theatre Research International 46:2 (July, 2021): 115-127. [doi]  [abs]
  2. DeFrantz, TF. "The race of contemporary ballet: Interpellations of africanist aesthetics." The Oxford Handbook of Contemporary Ballet  (January, 2021): 562-580. [doi]  [abs]

Krylova, Anna

  1. Krylova, A. "Legacies of the Cold War and the future of gender in feminist histories of socialism." The Routledge Handbook of Gender in Central-Eastern Europe and Eurasia  (July, 2021): 41-51.

Lentz-Smith, Adriane D.

  1. Bradley, SM; Davis, AR; Lentz-Smith, A; Williams, C. "On the experiences of black historians." Modern American History 4:1 (March, 2021): 91-102. [doi]
  2. Lentz-Smith, A. "The unbearable whiteness of grand strategy." Rethinking American Grand Strategy. January, 2021: 329-345. [doi]  [abs]

MacLean, Nancy

  1. MacLean, N. "How Milton Friedman Exploited White Supremacy to Privatize Education." Institute for New Economic Thinking Working Paper Series :161 (September, 2021).
  2. MacLean, N. "Enchaining democracy: The now-transnational project of the US corporate libertarian right." The Condition of Democracy 1 (July, 2021): 19-36.

Namakkal, Jessica

  1. Namakkal, J. Unsettling Utopia The Making and Unmaking of French India. June, 2021: 256 pages.  [abs]

Nash, Jennifer C.

  1. Nash, JC. Birthing Black Mothers. August, 2021: 264 pages.  [abs]
  2. Nash, JC; Pinto, S. "A new genealogy of"intelligent rage," or other ways to think about white women in feminism." Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society 46:4 (June, 2021): 883-910. [doi]
  3. Nash, JC. "The Afterlife of Reproductive Slavery: Biocapitalism and Black Feminism’s Philosophy of History." Modern Language Quarterly 82:2 (June, 2021): 268-270. [doi]
  4. Nash, JC. "On the beginning of the world: dominance feminism, afropessimism and the meanings of gender." Feminist Theory  (January, 2021). [doi]  [abs]
  5. Nash, JC. "A Response to SaraEllen Strongman’s “Feeling Black Feminism, Otherwise: a Review of Jennifer Nash’s Black Feminism Reimagined: After Intersectionality (Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2019)”." International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society  (January, 2021). [doi]
  6. Nash, J. "Citational Desires: On Black Feminism's Institutional Longings." Diacritics 48:3 (2021): 76-91.
  7. Nash, J. "Home is Where the Birth Is: Race, Risk, and Labor During COVID-19." Yale Journal of Law and Feminism 32:2 (2021): 103-132.
  8. Nash,. "Black Lactation Aesthetics: Remaking the Natural in Lakisha Cohill's Photographs." Feminist Studies 47:1 (2021): 94-94. [doi]

Rasmussen, Ann M.

  1.  Medieval Badges Their Wearers and Their Worlds. September, 2021.  [abs]

Smith-Lovin, Lynn

  1. Kroska, A; Powell, B; Rogers, KB; Smith-Lovin, L. "Affect Control Theories: A Double Special Issue in Honor of David R. Heise." American Behavioral Scientist  (January, 2022). [doi]  [abs]
  2. Maloney, E; Smith-Lovin, L. "The emotional implications of occupational deference structures." Advances in Group Processes 38 (January, 2021): 1-21. [doi]  [abs]

Solomon, Harris S.

  1. Solomon, H. "Wound Culture." Annual Review of Anthropology 51 (2022).
  2. Navuluri, N; Solomon, HS; Hargett, CW; Kussin, PS. "Where Have All the Heroes Gone?." Medical Anthropology 40:3 (April, 2021): 209-213. [doi]
  3. Solomon, H. "Living on Borrowed Breath: Respiratory Distress, Social Breathing, and the Vital Movement of Ventilators." Medical Anthropology Quarterly 35:1 (March, 2021): 102-119. [doi]  [abs]
  4. David, SD; Aroke, A; Roy, N; Solomon, H; Lundborg, CS; Gerdin Wärnberg, M. "Measuring socioeconomic outcomes in trauma patients up to one year post-discharge: A systematic review and meta-analysis." Injury  (January, 2021). [doi]  [abs]
  5. Solomon, H. "Epidemiology in Motion: Traumatic Brain Injuries in Mumbai." South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies 44:6 (January, 2021): 1131-1145. [doi]  [abs]
  6. Solomon, H. "Death Traps: Holes in Urban India." Environment and Planning D: Society and Space  (2021). [doi]  [abs]

Stein, Rebecca L.

  1. Stein, RL. "The Boy Who Wasn't Really Killed: Israeli State Violence in the Age of the Smartphone Witness." International Journal of Middle East Studies 53:4 (November, 2021): 620-638. [doi]  [abs]
  2. Stein, RL. Screen Shots: State Violence on Camera in Israel and Palestine.  Stanford University Press, June, 2021: 256 pages.  [abs]

Storti, Anna

  1. Storti, A, "Queering the Global Filipina Body: Contested Nationalisms in the Filipina/o Diaspora". Feminist Formations 33:2 (2021): 343-343.

Szabo, Victoria

  1. Szabo, V. "Evaluating XR: Standards for an emerging DH medium." Digital Scholarship in the Humanities 36:Supplement_2 (November, 2021): ii273-ii276. [doi]  [abs]

Weeks, Kathi

  1. Cole, A; Marasco, R. "Ask a political scientist: A conversation with kathi weeks about the politics of work and the work of political theory." Polity 53:4 (October, 2021): 743-752. [doi]
  2. Weeks, K. "A discussion: Capitalist crisis and economic estrangement." Cultural Dynamics 33:3 (August, 2021): 253-256. [doi]
  3. Weeks, K. "Abolition of the family: the most infamous feminist proposal." Feminist Theory  (January, 2021). [doi]  [abs]
  4. Weeks, K. "Always Historicize!." New Political Science 43:2 (January, 2021): 235-238. [doi]

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