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Abe, Stanley

  1. Abe, S, Imaging Sculpture (2022), pp. 400 pages, Hirmer Publishers  [abs].

Alberts, Susan C.

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Allison, Anne

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Antliff, Mark

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Armstrong, Nancy

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Boatwright, Mary T.

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Borenstein, Hannah

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Broverman, Sherryl A.

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Chow, Rey

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cooke, miriam

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DeFrantz, Thomas F.

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Engelstein, Stefani

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Ewing, Katherine P.

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Finucci, Valeria

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Fischer, Julien

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French, John D.

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Gabara, Esther

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Gheith, Jehanne

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Glymph, Thavolia

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Gold, Deborah T.

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Grosz, Elizabeth

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Hardt, Michael

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